Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Oh to be a child again.  Childhood was a simple easy time where the only cares were how many more minutes you could play before the street lights came on and you had to go inside.  I had my boys outside on the swings last night.  Their shining eyes as I pushed them back and forth made me remember my childhood. 

I remember summer especially.  I used to swim in my little plastic back yard pools and pretend I was a mermaid.  We used to make mud pies in my friend Kelly's sand box and mud castles that we drove our cars through.  There was epic Mario Brothers sessions.  Playing school, dress up, house.  I always made my friends be the dad and I was always the mom.  We would ride our bikes around the block over and over because we weren't allowed to go any further than that.  

I remember yelling for an adult to come help us cross the road because that was what we were told to do.  Playing tag, hide and seek, and building cardboard box forts.  Catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar.  Such joy in the little things.  

Now I get to relive all those little fun moments with my kiddos.  While they were on the swings, Ollie bright blue eyes were shining.  He loves to swing.  He is lucky in that he has a swing set in his own backyard unlike big brother at that age.  The swinging motion is enough to make Owl just giggle hysterically.

Then there was Destructo.  He was begging me to push him fast fast.  He was pretending the swing was a blue angel jet and he was going to take off.  All the while he was wearing his Superhero cape and his firefighter boots.  Isn't that the best part of childhood?  Getting to pretend you are anybody you want to be.  

He has gotten where he loves trying to catch lightening bugs.  Which is huge since he was terrified of bugs just a month ago.  He finally caught one all on his own yesterday and was so proud and came running to show me.  The lucky lightening bug even lived through the experience.

I look forward to all the new old experiences I get to reexperience with my kiddos as they grow.