Thursday, July 3, 2014

Favorite Toys at Age Three

Ahh Captain Destructo is three.  Three years old. Oh how time does fly.  And with him being three comes a list of his favorite toys.  If you are interested in what toys he liked all along,click the links below.

So without further ado, here are Destructo's favorite toys at age three.

Lego duplos
Any and all of these are much loved in our household.  He has a bunch of Jake and the Neverland Pirate sets and those are his very favorite.  Of course, I get shot with the cannon from the pirate ship all the time so that is slightly obnoxious.  He has another farm set that he also really likes that came with a story book.

Kidkraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set
There are a whole lot of fire emergencies in our house.  Kai is obsessed with fire trucks and fire fighters.  He plays with this three story fire station all the time.  He has even fashioned a make shift fire garage door out of a cookie sheet from his kitchen set.

Kinetic sand
My mother in law recently got this for Kai.  It is great for a sensory activity and so relaxing for me haha.  This is not a super messy thing as it doesn't stick to your hands at all.  You can build sand castles and mold the sand, but it also runs through your fingers.  How I don't know.  I love this stuff and Destructo likes it nearly as much as I do.

Hotwheels cars
He plays with them on his  road rug that he got for his birthday.  His love of organization really shows with this because they all have their proper places.

Melissa & Doug Farm Blocks 
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
These have been on a number of lists.  He has liked these two toys for quite some time now.

Balance bike
We are working on teaching him how to pedal on his new pedal bike but he still prefers his balance bike because he is a speed demon on it.

Melissa and Doug water wow books
These are amazing for travel.  You fill the little paint brushes up with water and they can paint on the books.  Once they dry, the color fades away and you can paint them again and again.

This is a really new like of Destructo's.  He has a number of toy dinos and is slightly obsessed with the show Dinosaur Train.

Wooden puzzles
Destructo has gotten really good at putting these together.  But more than anything he takes them apart and uses the pieces for different things.  He drives the vehicles on his road mat rug, uses the tools to fix broken things, etc.

Board games for toddlers
Destructo's top two favorite board games right now are Hi Ho Cheerio and Candyland.  We like to play board games with him in the evenings to help calm him down and get him ready for bed.

Those are Kai's favorite toys as of now.  I might add a few to this list as I think of them.  What are your kiddos favorite toys?
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