Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ollie at three months old

Okay okay so he is actually three and a half months old.  I totally forgot to do this blog post until yesterday.  Oops.

Weight-- 14 lbs 3 oz at 3 months and 1 week old. He is the weight Destructo was at 6 months.  My little chunker.  But he has slowed way down compared to when he was a newborn.  I am curious to see who ends up taller when it is all said and done.  

Height--  He is around 23 1/2-24 inches.  He has been so squirmy both times I tried to measure him that I am not sure his exact height.  

Medical Issues--  Same old same old reflux.  I cut out all dairy and he seemed to be doing better with no blood in his poop but then we had an episode with some white chocolate covered strawberries and me having a duh moment regarding them having dairy.  So now the blood is back.  :(  I feel bad.
Source  I miss cheese so much

Sleep--  You have had a bit of a regression recently.  You were sleeping a good six hour stretch every night, but have since regressed back to waking up every 2-3 at night.  I thought it might be because you keep breaking out of the swaddle but even nights you didn't break the swaddle, you still woke up.  I miss sleep.

Clothes Size--  3-6 or 6-9 months (or 9 months in Carters)  Owl is wearing the clothes Destructo wore around ten months.  He is also catching up very quickly to his cousin Liam.  Which means we can't share clothes much longer.  I am pretty sure Owl's feet might already be bigger than his cousins.  Am I raising a future linebacker?

Diapers Size--  Size two although once those are gone he is moving up to a size three in disposables.  He is already one the second snap setting on some of his smaller cloth diapers and  has completely out grown all the newborn sized ones.

Diet--  Still just boob milk and Zantac.  I went the entire month without giving him a bottle or pumping.   Lazy am I.  But then at the very end of the month, he had two bottles in one day and thankfully he took them no problem.

Baby Gear I Love-- 
Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing   Ollie decided he likes the swing (that I was planning on selling.)  I am so glad because the only time my happy baby gets fussy at all is right at dinner time and this allows me to eat in peace.
Tommee Tippee pacifier  Owl decided he likes these a whole lot for some reason mid way through the month.
Taggies Monster Security Blanket Ollie loves his lovey so much.  He sleeps with it snuggled onto the side of his face.
o ball This is the first toy Ollie expressed interest in.  He can grasp it better than the others.
Beco  carrier.  I wear Ollie a lot to have my hands free when we are out and about.
exersaucer  I love this for when I am not right with Owl and don't want to chance him getting trampled by a wild dance party that Destructo is having.  He loves it because he isn't flat  and has toys to play with.

 Milestones--  He is holding toys much better and trying to imitate sounds and facial expressions.  Ollie learned how to blow raspberries and loves to blow them with his daddy.

Likes/Dislikes--  Ollie dislikes tummy time with a fiery passion.  He hates having to wait even two seconds to eat.  He loves talking to people and talking in general.  Ollie is always babbling and making noise.  He loves his monster taggie lovey.  He chews it and it will end up sopping wet.  Gross.  He seems to really enjoy spitting up on Mr. Destructo.  He loves watching his big brother play.

Things I don't want to forget-- How happy and smily Ollie always is.  How he laughs hysterically when I clean under his neck.  He is such a ticklish baby.  How hard he worked to figure out how to blow raspberries.  How much he loves the helicopter baby game.  How he growls when forced to go into the baby eating monster car seat.  I never want to forget how his eyes just light up when he catches my eye from across the room.  I also never want to forget how sweet Destructo is when holding his baby brother.  He really loves his baby.