Friday, August 22, 2014

Ollie at a Third of a Year Old

Yeah this one is a bit late.  I guess better late than never right?  Poor second child haha.

Weight-- 14 lbs 15 oz.  

Height-- 25 1/2 inches

Medical Issues--  Same old reflux, food sensitivities to something I am eating (although since I cut obvious corn and soy it is better)

Sleep--  First part of the month was very good.  One wake up around 3 AM and then again 6ish and sleeping from 8 to 8 otherwise.  He even slept from 8 to 6  and then back down until 8 a few times.  The last week.  Yeah up every three hours like a newbie again.  I am so tired.  

Clothes Size-- He can fit into some of the bigger 3-6 month stuff, but he is mostly in 6-9 month stuff.  

Diapers size-- He has moved up to the second snap rise setting on his smaller cloth diapers.  In disposables, he is in a size three.

Diet-- Boob milk and Zantac still. I am contemplating starting him on baby cereal though since his reflux is so bad and the pedi recommended it.  We do baby led weaning so I don't typically do cereal, but his spitting up is out of control.
Baby led weaning

Baby Gear I Love--
Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair For some unknown reason, my kiddo loves sitting in his high chair.  He doesn't eat anything yet.  He just sits there and looks around.  Even when he is super fussy, he will sit there and calm right down.  Weirdo.

Sophie  He loves chewing on Sophie's legs.  Destructo tolerated Sophie, but Ollie loved it.
Taggie lovey  He sleeps with this every night.  I know it is a SIDS risk but he freaks out if I don't let him sleep with it.  Destructo was the same way.  They love the soft fleece on their cheek.
His beloved lovey.  Now if I can only find a cheap enough replacement just in case.

Milestones--  He started sucking on his toes.  So gross.  Why do babies like to suck on their toes?  He is also regularly rolling belly to back and can pivot in circles.  Other than that, he isn't doing much.  He loves to cuddle and be held and just chill out and look around.  My lazy little baby.  I love the cuddles.

Likes/Dislikes--  He likes being held, cuddling, eating.  He thinks every single thing that Destructo does is quite possibly the funniest thing ever done.  He loves laying in his crib looking at his mobile.  He loves rubbery teethers like Sophie.  He hates having to wait to eat.  With a passion.  Other than that, he doesn't dislike too much.  He is a very easy baby thus far.  

Things I Don't want to Forget--  How nice it is to not have to spray cloth diapers.  How sweet his fuzzy little head feels.  How if he even hears the word milk or sees the baby sign for milk he flips and must nurse this very second or else the world will end.  The way he laughs as soon as he sees his big brother.