Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten Things you do Differently with a Second Child

Topping my list of ten things you do, do far more, or whatever with  second kiddo is use the seat belt/buckle things in bouncy seats, swings, etc.  When Kai was an itty bitty, I never did.  He wasn't going anywhere.  With Kai running around like crazy, yeah I buckle Owl in at all times.  Mostly to try to avoid being catapulted out of the swing when Destructo decides to "help" by swinging the swing as hard as he can with the baby in it.  Poor second child.

Second on this list let the baby sleep in your bed far more.  I have really crazy nightmares where I thrash and kick in my sleep.  Destructo very rarely slept in our bed because of this.  Ollie was such a bad sleeper until he started reflux meds that he slept in Mr. Destructo's arms nearly every night.  It was all about survival.

Next up is you will wear the baby far more.  Now this probably isn't true for everyone but Destructo hated the confinement of being worn.  Ollie doesn't mind it at all so I wear him a lot.  It is so much easier than having to haul a stroller everywhere.

You will be far more flexible with your second child.  Ollie sleeps everywhere and anywhere.  Kai never slept anywhere but his bed or in the car.  It is so much easier when you have a kid that will doze off anywhere.  I think part of this is Ollie being a go with the flow baby and part of it is the fact that from birth we have been on the go since I have an older kid to take places and do things with.

Next up on my list is the fact that I ask myself regularly why it seemed so much harder with the first baby than it is with the second.  I found my second baby light years easier than the first.  I think part of that is a very easy baby, experience, and not working.  Not sure how much each of those contributes, but I think they all help.  I remember with Destructo not even finding time to wash the dishes in a day.  Don't get me wrong, I still have those days but not every day.  Even with two kids.  So yeah the transition from zero to one was far FAR harder than from one to two.  

You will be in no hurry for your second child to hit milestones.  We couldn't wait for Kai to sit, crawl, walk.  Yeah Ollie can wait as long as he wants to get mobile.  Mobile means more trouble.  Mobile means more mess.  Mobile means even more tired mommy.  Sitting up wouldn't be horrible, but honestly Owl is my last baby and I want him to stay small forever.  
Mobile equals mess

Next up, solid food.  Yeah I have zero urge to start solids.  I like not having to spray diapers now that Destructo is poop potty trained.  Solids mean spraying.  Wahh.  Plus the messy faces, messy high chair.  I forgot how much I don't like all the mess cleaning until I had to keep my nearly one year old nephew a few days recently.  They smear food everywhere.  
Do I really have to start Owl on solids?  His big brother sure could make a mess.

Bedtime routine is short and sweet with the second kiddo.  Some nights I read him a book.  Some nights I don't.  I do always sing him one song.  Sleep sack and into his bed.  Easy peasy and quick.  Then I get to have the bedtime routine that never ends.  Yes it goes on and on my friends.  Babies are so much easier than three year olds that can get out of their bed over and over and over again.

Sock and shoes.  Yeah.  They don't happen with a second child.  No one has time for that.  I think Ollie has worn socks like five times in his life.  And all of those involved church.  Granted he is a spring/summer baby so that helps.  I guess I will have to go the extra step come fall.  But for now barefoot is the way to go.

Finally the last thing on my list is baths.  By the time the second baby comes around, you realize that babies can go a long time without being bathed.  Heck baths are over rated anyways.  I remember taking a shower every single night with Destructo since it was quiet and relaxing.  Now I chose extra sleep over a shower every single time.  Poor Mr. Destructo.  I do still make a habit of wearing deodorant though.  That has to help right?  Right?

What things did you do differently with your second child than with your first?