Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The song I sing my boys

When Destructo was just a little baby, I used to sing that All the Pretty Little Horses song.  Over the days and weeks and months, it morphed into a song all our own.  Now he sings that song to Owl and this makes me tear up more than I care to admit.  It is so touching to know he was not only paying such close attention to the words all along, but that he loves his little baby brother so much to sing it to him.  

I figured what better place to record the words than my blog.  Hopefully I have a bazillion more years left to live, but just in case something ever happened to me.  I would want my boys to know the song I have sang to them every day of their lives.

So here goes:
Hush a bye, don't you cry.  Go to sleepie little baby.  Mama loves you.  Daddy loves you (although as Destructo grew he would insert many a things here from football and baseball, mommy, to everybody.)  

Go to sleepie little baby (sometimes I would use Boogah which was what I called Kai as a baby or Owwie which is how Kai says Ollie and what I call him now.)  

Close your eyes.  Take a rest (or snooze).  Go to sleepie little baby.

Okay now my song will live on forever.  Yay.