Saturday, August 2, 2014

Top Ten Parenting Choices others Criticized the Follow Up

I wrote a post two years ago about the top ten parenting choices that others criticized. You can read it  here if you are new to the blog. I stumbled upon this the other night and it amused me to see how much my parenting choices have changed in two years.  The things that were super important to me then just don't seem as important to me now that I have two kids and am a stay at home mom.

Topping the list was cloth diapering.  I still am quite passionate about cloth diapering.  But the criticism isn't there the second time around.  It has become more main stream and plus my family and friends are all used to me being a cloth diaperer.  Heck I even converted my sister to cloth diapering.  I have become more lax about it though.  When we travel I use disposables.  I just don't have room in my smallish SUV with two car seats and a dog to pack all my cloth.  Plus I am lazy about it this time around and it is easier to just use disposables.  I do still insist on getting the expensive bleach free, more eco friendly disposable option though.

Extended rear facing was next and I did that with Destructo for two years.  I had hoped to meet that goal but to possibly go until he hit the limits of the seat which is 45 pounds.  Mr. Destructo wanted to flip him as he had gotten more and more fussy in the car and he hoped that flipping him would help.  (It did.)  We will see how I feel this time around about it.  I know I won't flip Owl before he hits two though.

Extended breast feeding.  I let Destructo self wean.  This was important to me (although I had said by two I might have to expedite the process.)  He weaned at 20.5 months on his own and yes I cried a bit.  This time around I plan on doing the same thing but could see it going a different way.  With all of Owl's food sensitivities, I might get tired of my very limited diet and wean him.  Right now I am peanut, legume, dairy, and egg free.  It isn't so much fun.  I am hoping though that we get to the bottom of what he is sensitive too and that maybe he grows out of it.  We shall see.  This is tops of the list though that people still criticize.

Baby led weaning.  Did it, plan on doing it again.  People will still probably think I am going to let my child choke to death by not feeding purees first.  His pedis also don't support this.  Eh I don't care.  It was so easy with Destructo, I can't see doing it any other way.

Low/no sugar was on that list.  Yeah.  I still feel that way.  But unfortunately as Destructo got older and more people kept him they stopped caring what I thought about no candy, ice cream, etc.  I mean my family (this doesn't include my dad who is a softie and likes giving Destructo junk) tends to somewhat respect my wishes about healthy snacks.  My mom tends to buy fruit leather or healthier fruit snacks instead of gummy candy.   But even I have gone so far as to bribe him with candy occasionally.  What can I say three year olds can be terrorists.  I still try to buy healthier options and really stay away from high fructose corn syrup though.  But will I make a special healthy smash cake solely for Owl?  Eh probably not.  One day of cake won't hurt him.

No overnight visits.  Yep I held firm to this one much to the dismay of both sets of grandparents.  It truly wasn't until I had Owl that I became okay with Destructo staying the night places.  And this was probably mainly out of survival.  I always said when Destructo told me he wanted to stay the night somewhere I would let him and I did.  I imagine I will be the same way with Owl since it is so much easier to just keep the baby home with me than to have to pump and send frozen breast milk.

This is a quote out of the aforementioned blog post:  No TV before one and very limited TV after one--  Most people don't see the damage with letting their young children watch television as long as it isn't all the time.  I did not let Kai watch any TV before one.  Studies show that watching TV before the age of one (and even two) can cause concentrations problems, is linked to obesity, and can lead to less child-parent interaction thereby slowing down language development.  I try to keep him from watching cartoons as a young child's brain isn't developed enough to process the rapid picture changes in cartoon.  I do let him watch Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Baby Einstein sporadically when I need to get something done.  But I keep it to less than a half hour to an hour a day and he isn't that interested anyways.  I prefer to be reading books with him or letting him play independently with his toys.

BWahhahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Yeahhh.  I mean I don't put Ollie in front of the TV.  But he does see it since Destructo watches more than his fair share of TV.  There are some days that I realize the TV has been on all day.  Having a colicky baby really did me in when it came to Destructo's TV watching.  And once you open the flood gates, it is hard to go back.  I am really trying to limit him to and hour in the morning and an hour at night.  But some days.  Yeah.  ::hangs head in shame::

Learning toys only was on that list and this could be one of the ones I stuck the hardest with.  I still tend to buy open ended learning toys for Destructo.   I do let him pick his own toys out when he gets gift cards for his birithday or Christmas.  And as he has gotten more opinionated, he tells me what to put on his wish list.  But when I am buying toys, I tend to buy wooden open ended toys.  He is so imaginative and can play with sticks and rocks for hours and I think this is a great thing.  Yay for holding firm to something.

My desire for a med free delivery is on that list.  Yeah I achieved that goal and it no longer seemed important to me.  We are done having kids and I imagine I would probably go natural again a third time if it happened but it just doesn't hold the all encompassing importance it did before I had Destructo.  Eh labor sucks either way and both my kids turned out pretty great one with an epi and one without.

I have come to the conclusion that I am far more laid back with the second child.  I have to be since I am now outnumbered and need to be able to use cookies as a bribe.  Or TV as a babysitter.  Hopefully my kids will turn out okay haha.  What are things you are much more laid back about with a second child?