Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bibs, Bibs and More Bibs

After a loyal reader giving me a great idea on the blog's Facebook page, I decided to write a post about my favorite bibs.  I have at least a million it seems.  I am actually pretty sure they multiply at night when I am not looking.  Unfortunately it is never the good ones that I really like.  It is always the puny little drool bibs.

I have no use for drool bibs.  I mean in theory they are great.  Put them on, baby drools, you don't have to change his entire outfit as he drenches bib after bib.  Except Owl is a super drooler.  He soaks right through drool bibs.  So I just change his onesie numerous times a day.  But that is also because he has reflux really badly.  Drool bibs might catch a small spit up but for Owl's volcanic eruptions of spit up only hit outfit, mommy's outfit, and the couch will suffice.

Anyways what bibs do I like?  Let me tell you.

The first three links are all waterproof bibs with a pocket on them that can be easily wiped clean.  I like them for dining out because you can wipe them clean so no nasty bib in the diaper bag.  I like them for at home because I can use one all day and just rinse it in between feedings.  They are all pretty similar although if pressed to pick a favorite I would probably go with the Bumkins.

Bumkins Waterproof Starter Bib, Blue Crocs and Turtles, 2-Count 

Munchkin Crumb CatcherBib for Boys, 4-Count

green sprouts 3 Count Wash 'n Wipe Eva Bib, Boy

This bib is a one time use type bib since it is cloth and it isn't fully waterproof but I love the designs on them.  I made my mom get Destructo the I love tacos one since it is a running joke about how often my parents eat tacos before I was even pregnant.

green sprouts 6-Pack Favorite Food Bib Group B, Colors May Vary

Another type of bib that you must have at least a few of are Aden and Anais burpy bibs.  They are burp rags with a snap on the ends that you can use as a bib.  They come in so handy when you forget a bib.  I keep these in my diaper bag as a burp rag and have used them numerous times as an emergency bib.

aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Burpy Bib, Jungle Jam

Finally a bib I don't personally own (until I get one for Owl for Christmas) is the Skip Hop bib.  I bought my nephew one of these last Christmas and I really like it.  It has a pouch you can fold it up into when it is dirty.  And it is waterproof.  Plus I made a huge mistake when I got Owl the lion Skip Hop back pack and really want to get the owl one.  At the time he was baby Zach.  Whoever would have known he would be Oliver and be called Owl. I need the Owl back pack now.  Ugh.

What bibs are your favorites?

Skip Hop Zoo Bib, Owl

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