Sunday, September 7, 2014

My life is a time warp

I am getting the kids ready for bed tonight and I realize it has been a few days since I wrote a blog post.  I need to make it a priority tonight.  Then I get to looking and realize it has been 12 days.  12 Nearly two weeks.  When did my life become such a time warp?  

Destructo is starting baseball next week.  Yet another time warp.  How is he already three years old and old enough to play baseball.  They use aluminum bats, real balls, and have to have cleats, helmets, and full on uniforms.  He is going to look so big.  He is on the "Red Sox" and tells everyone all about it.  

He also started Sunday school today.  I asked him what he learned.  He said nothing.  I then quizzed him about the coloring sheet he did.  Yeah he knew every single one of the ten commandments.  I was quite impressed.  Kudos to his teacher.  

The thing that most make me realize that I am in a giant time warp of life?  My baby.  My last baby.  My sweet Owl is nearly six months old.  Half a year.  Which means I only have a little over six months to have a baby before I never again have a baby.  Excuse me while I go cry into my cheerios.  (I am actually eating cheerios haha.)