Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ode to my Pacifiers

Oh where is my paci, oh where is my paci, oh where oh where oh where is my paci.   Who can name what show that is from?  Both of my boys have taken pacifiers and they were truly a life saver.  Especially in the car.  Owl doesn't really care for car rides that are more than an hour or less.  My parents cabin is three and a half hour away.  Let the screaming commence.

Anyways as a breastfeeding mom I do not feel pacifiers affected breastfeeding whatsoever.  I waited until the third day with Destructo to give him one.  He took it just fine.  He did not nurse well but that wasn't pacifier related since we had that problem well before the paci was intro'ed.  Owl actually got a paci before he ever got a boob.  When he went to the NICU, he was super hungry and I was having too much bleeding to go up there just yet.  So they gave him a paci to suck on.  I was concerned when Mr. Destructo texted me this, but it wasn't a big deal.  As soon as they brought him to me he latched on and hasn't latched off since.  Okay I am bitter over my six month old waking every single three hours all night long every single night (and that's a good night) to eat.  Bitter I tell ya.

With that said, make your own decision about the paci and breastfeeding since I would hate to give bad advice and have it decimate a breastfeeding journey.

What paci's do I recommend?  Well for starters I don't recommend buying more than one pack of any one kind until  you try them out.  I was all I am going to use gumdrop pacifiers.  I preferred a paci that was all one piece to avoid the baby biting the nipple part off (at least to make it harder.)  I liked these better than Soothies because of the shape and not covering a small baby's nose.

Yay Gumdrop paci.  Still my favorite.

Captain Destructo took these just fine.  Mission accomplished.  He took this type of paci until I took them away around 18 months.  (Oh and my weaning advice is after a year to only give the paci in the crib and car seat.  This really helped Destructo lose interest and I took them away cold turkey at 18 months.)

Now Owl was a challenge.  He initially tolerated a Soothie pacifier.  Tolerated was the best we ever got though and with his colic I preferred him to actually like a pacifier.  I then got some Vanilla Scent Soothie Newborn Pacifiers.  He seemed to like these a lot more and started taking a paci more regularly.  I had tried a ton of different types by this point.

One day I just happened to give him one I had tried and he couldn't care less about it.  He was screaming and it was right on the counter.  Lo and behold he loved the tommee tippee pacifier.  I hated these at first because I could only find them in clear and they are darned hard to find in the crib.  But then I found some blue ones and it was all okay.
Chilling with his Tommee Tippee paci

Now he just switched to the larger 6+ month size and while they weren't my first choice I really like them.  I mean come on how cute are these?
.  I have the zebra, giraffe, lion, and tiger styles.  

And these Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Night Pacifier glow in the dark.  I mean how cool is that?  And they really do glow fyi.  I think Destructo was farm more enthralled about this than Owl.
Owl with his Soothie paci that was as big as his head

So there you have it.  My opinions on pacifiers all in one place.

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