Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I can't sit on my couch and a pioneer I am not

I went to sit on my big comfy couch to put the finishing touches on a cloth diapering review and giveaway post (watch for it tomorrow.)  I realized that my entire couch is covered in stuff.  Clothes, toys, blankets, pillows, stuff everywhere.  Stuff stuff stuff.

So then I sat on my bed.  The stuff was too much to deal with.  And why should the stuff stress me out.  I pawned Destructo off on my youngest sister and actually was super productive today.  But obviously not productive enough since my couch is unsittable.  I managed to clean both boys rooms, change their sheets, make their beds, vacuum and dust both rooms, even move dressers and get all the toys that accumulated under them.  Yay me.  But I still can't sit on my couch.  

This got me to thinking about pioneer women.  They didn't have all the stuff we do.  I wonder if they were happier?  I mean other than when life was super hard.  Were they happier with less material things and a simpler life.  I do think I would be happier with far less stuff.  I hate the clutter that resides in my life and house.  And I am working on taming it.  Each and every year since I have had kids it has gotten better and better but there is still a lot of clutter.

My ceiling fan is dusty.  Like growing a fuzz coat dusty.  I see this every evening as I am about to go to bed.  I am going to clean it tomorrow if I do nothing else.  Then I will change my sheets since they will have dust on them from cleaning it.  All that to say that maybe the forward progress in my cluttered master bedroom will continue this week.  That was a tangent.
Pioneer women probably didn't have to clean bathrooms very often since they didn't have them.  I mean can you clean an outhouse?  Of course they had to do far more work than I have to do just to have food to eat and clean clothes to wear.  But speaking of clothing, while there laundry was far harder to wash than mine is, they also had far less of it so it probably balanced out.  But they had to cook all the time.  I hate cooking.

So long blog post to come to this conclusion.  I would suck as a pioneer woman.  I hate cooking, am not particularly good at killing chickens or any animal really, can't bake bread, or sew, or use old time cloth diapers.  Yeah probably best I live in this era.  Oh and my couch is still cluttered.