Sunday, November 16, 2014


You know Skype really is a wonderful thing.  My bestie that lives in Italy and I are able to keep in touch and actually see and hear each other.  This wasn't possible a few years ago.  I imagine I would have lost touch with her eventually like I did so many other people over the course of my 32 years.  (And yes, I have to do the math a lot of time to figure out how old I am.  Kids eat brains I tell ya.)

I also use Skype a lot to stay in touch with my family in Michigan.  We moved in 1993 ten hours away.  600 long miles.  When we moved we could send letters in the actual mail.  Oh how I looked forward to getting letters on fancy stationary with stickers decorating the envelope from my grammie.  (Heck I still look forward to getting the occasional letter from her.)  We also could call them occasionally.  But you know you could never talk too long because it was a long distance call.

My sons will never know what a long distance call is.  Heck for the record, there will never be a time when my boys aren't able to immediately receive a phone call no matter what they were thanks to cell phones.  I remember using pay phones.  I can't remember the last time I saw a pay phone to be honest.

I think it is a great thing that modern technology has come so far.  I don't have a whole lot of super close bestie friends that live where I do.  But because of cell phones, skype, and Facebook I can stay just as close with them as if they were here.  Trust me my friend Trish sure knows I don't hesistate to call her.  Each and every evening when Mr. Destructo is at work and I am losing bits of my sanity by the minute.  Gah I love modern technology.