Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Owlster at Seven Months

Man this time of year is so busy.  I have had this post written for over a week now and just couldn't seem to get pictures put in it and publish it.  Ugh.

Weight-- 17 lbs 11 oz

Height-- 27.5 inches (or so.)  He really does not cooperate well for me to get a height measurement on him.  He likes to pull his legs back when I try to stretch him to see.  

Medical Issues--  Reflux but it is a lot better than it used to be.  The biggest most exciting thing I have for medical issues is that I can eat whatever I want again.  His food sensitivities are much better.  I have even been giving him small amounts of things that contain dairy or soy and so far so good.  I love cheese once again.  Oh how I missed you blessed cheese.

Sleep-- I don't know what this is anymore.  He still tends to go to bed between 7 and 8, wake up at 11, wake up between 1 and 3 at some point, and wake up again between 5 and 6.  Then up for the day around 8.  He takes two naps a day.  Typically a short hour long or less around 10 and then an hour or two nap around two.  

Clothes Size-- He can wear either 6-9 months (or 9 month) or 12 month which is 9-12 month.  6-9 is getting to be small though.  I am determined to shove him into a 3-6 month my first Thanksgiving onesie Destructo wore his first Thanksgiving.  I figure even if I can't snap it, surely I can just tuck it in like a tshirt.  I will make it happen.  
His eyes are so blue.

Diapers size-- He is on the second or third snap setting in his cloth.  He is still finishing up the size threes in disposables but I think we are down to our last few diapers and then it is size four from there on out.

Diet--  He eats anything and everything we give him and seems to love it all.  I mean he ate as much as I did at the Mexican restaurant.  I am still not giving him more than a small bit of dairy (and only if we are in a restaurant and it is more a cross contamination scenario.)  No corn yet.  He is actually being very fussy about nursing for the last week or so.  He is hard core teething and just has no interest in nursing.  Except over night of course.

Baby Gear I Love-- 
organic baby puffs  I am still holding off on giving Owl much soy and dairy since he is just getting over his food sensitivities.  These puffs don't contain either nor corn.  I love these for when we are at a restaurant and I need to tide him over until the food comes.  Patience is not his strong suit.
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib-to-Floor Activity Piano  I have this hanging on the side of his crib.  In the mornings, he will roll over to it and play with it buying me a few extra minutes of snooze time.  And that is precious when you have an eight month old who is still waking every 3ish hours all night long.
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo  Yeah Oliver loves jumping in this and it keeps him contained when I need him to be.  Yay for containment.

Milestones-- He is able to creep backwards a little bit now and can roll to get where he wants when he really wants to.  But for the most part he isn't really mobile yet.  I love it.  He waved to Monk this month.  He is able to drink really well from a cup.  He celebrated his first Halloween and dressed up as an Owl.

Likes/Dislikes--  He likes eating, waking me up, his brother, father, and any chewy teething toys.  He dislikes waiting to eat, me sleeping, and well mostly me sleeping.  This hasn't changed since last month.  He has taken a new interest in our pets though recently and loves to pet the cat.

Things I Don't want to Forget--  How sweet it is to watch my two boys playing so nicely together.  How much Oliver loves to eat.  He gets so excited by food.  How he always plays with my amber necklace while he nurses.  How much of a momma's boy he is.  (I really need to cherish this in the middle of the night all billion times he wakes me since time really is too fleeting.)

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