Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Post I keep On Putting Off

I have started this post so many times just to delete it all.  And by all like three lines.  But I have always prided myself with keeping it real with my readers and this is something that is real.  And it isn't like I can't make it private at some time if I so feel the need so here goes.  So Monday we took Destructo to have him evaluated for behavioral/sensory/etc issues.  Since he was just a baby he has been super spirited as all get out.  But I always wondered if this was normal boy or if there was something "off" for lack of a better word.

We took him and for now they recommended occupational therapy and speech.  It wasn't until his regular pediatrician pointed out that he omits certain letters that I realized his speech was a little behind.  I for the most part understand everything he says lol.  I have known since 18 months that he has some sensory issues as he is a super picky eater, doesn't like certain textures, and really seems to be sensory seeking in a lot of way.  I figured he would eventually end up with a sensory processing disorder.  And he probably will if we ever actually see a occupational therapist.  (Insurance doesn't cover it without a medical diagnosis.  We are figuring out how to swing the expenses.  And working on seeing what he will qualify for through the public school system.  But that is another blog post.)

What I wasn't really expecting was that the doctor would tell us that while she wasn't highly concerned there were some markers/ warning signs of an autism spectrum disorder.  He is pretty social and friendly and very talkative so it never really occured to me.  But what I hadn't ever really known a whole lot about was Asperger's.  I can understand her concern now after reading up on it.  He does have some characteristics of this. But on the flip side, he has some characteristics that are the opposite of this.  He loves to play imaginary play for example.   He could just be a very spirited, stubborn wants his own way three year old.  Only time will tell on that one.

Either way this goes, I want to help him get any and all help he needs.  He is quite behind in his fine motor skills, slightly behind in his gross motor skills, and obviously as I said earlier needs a bit of speech (although I honestly think that will work itself out as he matures.)  So I hope to get all this stuff straightened out but also to work with him at home a lot as well.  What do you guys recommend for fine motor skills practice?  Or gross motor work?  

And a cute Destructo story for you.  While doing the evaluation, the nurse asked him to stack blocks in a certain way.  He did it backwards.  She said that is really great effort, but can you try to do it the way I asked.  He replied "Nope.  Some people just do it differently."  We had to stifle our laughter.  That is our Destructo.  Blatantly refusing to do something that is asked of him and cracking us up all the while.  

Gah I love this boy