Sunday, December 7, 2014

A few words can make your day better

I sit in the cry room at church.  My kids don't cry per say.  But they are LOUD.  LOUDLY LOUD.  And active and argumentative.  So we sit in the "angel" cry room which always amuses me because if my kids were acting angelic, I wouldn't be sitting in the cry room.  

Today though it was just me and the boys.  Mr. Destructo had to work all night and wasn't up in time to go to church.  So it was just me and the boys which quite possibly is like my biggest nightmare.  Especially because church is right smack dab during Ollie's nap time and typically Destructo is wired from being cooped up in his Sunday school class beforehand.

Usually the room is full but today it was just us.  Then an older lady with an older boy came and sat in there. I couldn't really figure out why because obviously her kid knows how to behave in church as this point.  (It was actually because she couldn't find a seat in the main worship area I would later find out.)  So then I had company to witness my kids spirited, non listening, dad isn't here and mom is outnumbered behavior.

Needless to say it wasn't horrible although I had to get onto Destructo numerous times (and Owl started shrieking at least once.)  But what happened after made my day.  Heck it might have made my week.  She said my boys are cute and I am doing a great job.  She shared that she sat in a cry room with her two boys many years ago and a lady actually shushed her older son.  In a cry room.  We both agreed that if you sit in a cry room, you can't complain about kids behavior.  She then said that I am training and shaping their behavior and one day I won't need the cry room anymore.  And she said you are doing a great job.

Moms need to hear stuff like that every so often.  So often I feel like so many people are staring at me in church, at the store, wherever.  (Side note Destructo took a foam axe while we were looking at the dollar section of Target and proceeded to ax/chop/whatever a random lady's cart that was walking by because he was defending his territory and she was "in the way."  I was mortified.)  As my kiddos tantrum, scream, demand, and argue with me people watch.  The fact that someone was watching today and thought I was doing a great job made today awesome.  

Random acts of kindness and thoughtful words go such a long way.