Monday, December 29, 2014

I am a slacker

When you have a second kid everyone says that your love multiplies instead of is divided in half.  Let me tell ya this is so true.  You know what else multiplies?  The work and noise.  I mean you would think it would be a matter of simple addition.  One kid plus another kid equals two times the noise and work.  Yeah... it doesn't.  It multiplies by at least ten.  So loud.  And so busy.  Hence why my blog is a bit deserted.  But I plan on doing better this coming year.  

I want to have this blog as a record of parenting.  Cute things my kids say and do, challenges (because everyone knows parenting is so challenging), projects we do, places we visit.  A virtual scrapbook if you will.

So as a catch you up if you will here are the kiddos in a paragraph each.  

Captain Destructo is 3 1/2 years old.  He is still an absolute honey badger.  He is determined, stubborn, inflexible, but absolutely hilarious in everything.  He outsmarts me on a regular basis and discipline is quite hard since I think he could be smarter than me (especially in my sleep deprived state.)  He loves board games, Paw Patrol, animals, and more than anything else fire trucks and fire fighters.  He is very science minded and so smart.  He plays dinosaurs not based on the dino but based on whether they are carnivores, frugivores, omnivores etc.  He can also name all the parts of the digestive system.  Nothing like your three year old saying I am eating food and it is going down my esophagus.  

Officer Owl is 9 months old.  He has a temper the size of Texas.  He is very easy going but once he gets mad he is MAD.  He is a huge momma's boy which is exhausting for me because he cries unless he is being held or worn by me.  He loves to eat anything you will give him.  He is so close to crawling and can go backwards quite well but hasn't figured out going forward yet.  He has really good fine motor skills and likes to talk.  He only has two words hi and momma but babbles non stop.  He loves anything he can chew on, his big brother, food, and trucks.

My sweet boys in their new Christmas present