Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It is a rite of passage

Today was going to be the best of 2014 posts.  Instead I was up all night with a crying, inconsolable unless I was holding him and standing up little baby boy.  It is the first ear infection.  A rite of passage for most moms.  I was very lucky with Destructo.  He didn't get his first ear infection until 18 months old and that was the first time he was really sick with something more than just sniffles.  Yay breastfeeding helping his immune system. But boy was it a doozy.  He ran a 103-105 temp for four days.  He also hated the antibiotic and we had to force it down his throat.  

Poor pitiful Destructo when he had his first ear infection

Ollie didn't fare so well.  He is only nine months old and this one came on without the typical cold Kai gets ear infections after.  We are traveling in the mountains though so maybe that had something to do with it and he is also hard core teething right now.  He had a slight 100-101 temp all day yesterday but I thought it was just teething since he had no other symptoms.  But then last night it was 102ish and he was very stuffed up and miserable.  Just so sad and pitiful.  Now I am sad and pitiful because I am so very tired.

And it is New Year's Eve.  I doubt I will make it to midnight lol.  I am old.  But that is okay.  My pitiful boy needs me.  The worst part was on the ride home from dinner tonight when my ears popped apparently his were too and that made him start screaming so loudly.  I sat next to him in the back seat and he was just clawing at his little ear.  I felt awful because there was nothing I could do to help.  You realize just how much you would do for your kids at moments like that because I would gladly take his ear infection if it meant he didn't have to be in pain.  

Let's hope he recovers very quickly in 2015.  At least Murphy didn't hate me this time around.  He got sick on the last day of the year before our deductible starts over.  Yay Murphy.