Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Owwie at Eight Months

Weight-- He was pretty close to 18 pounds probably just under it.  I have it in his baby book but I am on vacation at the moment.

Height-- 27 3/4 inches
I sure love this boy

Medical Issues--  Still a spitter upper but that is about it.  We are slowly introducing dairy and he is tolerating it very well.  I am back on full dairy now.  Ice cream is so good.  Especially the choco cherry love in a waffle cone from Dairy Queen.

Sleep-- He fails this.  FAILS.  He did sleep through the night for only the second time in his entire life this month.  But typically he is up 2 or three times a night.  He goes down around 8, wakes around 11, or 2, or 5 or all three and then sleeps in until 8ish.  He still naps twice a day about an hour in the morning and an hour or two in the afternoon.

Clothes Size-- He is mainly in 12 or 9-12 months although I still shove him in some of my favorite 6-9 month stuff.

Diapers size-- He is on the second or third snap setting in his cloth.  Size four in disposables.

Diet--  He eats everything you give him.  He loves mum mums and puffs like every baby in the world.  He adores fruit, chicken, broccoli, peas.  Mexican food is a favorite as is spicy things.

Baby Stuff I Love--
breathable bumpers  I didn't realize how much I love these until I spent a night somewhere with a crib without them.  Oliver kept getting his legs stuck in the crib slats.
Wonderworld trucks These are big enough for Ollie to play with and so sturdy that they have held up to even Destructo's torture for three and a half years.

 Milestones-- He can really get around by crawling backwards but can't go forward yet although he is on his hand and knees rocking close.  He can also butt scoot around.  He is saying momma with meaning now.  And hi all the time.  
He loves to eat

Likes/Dislikes--  He likes my dad a whole lot.  And me.  He pretty much screams if I am not touching him.  I love/dislike this since it is exhausting to have to hold him all day every day.  Thank goodness for my Beco.  He loves being worn and will fall asleep in it.  He loves his big brother and loves playing with big boy toys in big brothers room.  He loves cars and trucks.  He loves any kind of teething toy that is silicone/rubbery material.  Taggie toys are very popular with him as well.  He loves eating and would probably eat all day long if I let him.  He very much disliked Santa this month.
Santa visit one was a success two and three were fails

Things I Don't want to Forget--  How he stretches his neck and peeks around to see things.  How many times he whines momma in a day.  How sweet and cuddly he is in the middle of the night after he eats and cuddles into me to go back to sleep.  How he is obsessed with any kind of technology product.  How angry he gets when he doesn't get his way.  The temper tantrums are hysterical.  I mean big brother has been throwing tantrums since birth.  It isn't anything we haven't seen yet haha.