Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snake/Monster/Insert your Nightmare of Choice here Repellent

So Destructo started having recurrent nightmares about snakes.  Yellow and purple polka dotted snakes to be exact.  He was waking up every single night around three AM and coming into our room, laying in our bed, waking me up thoroughly, and eventually going back to bed.  Then I was wide awake for hours.  This wasn't working especially with Officer Owl the eight month old who sleeps like a newborn.

So I hit upon the idea of making snake repellent.  All I did was fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of essential oil.  Destructo picked lemon eucalyptus essential oil the first time we made it and orange essential oil the next time we made it.

Let me tell you it was a huge hit.  He has only woken up once or twice since then and he said it wasn't from a bad dream.  I highly encourage you to try it if you have kids with nightmares.  Every night he sprays his bed and room and then has his toy lizard and snake smell it to make sure it is stinky.  Then he puts them far away from where he sprayed.  It is too cute if I do say so myself.

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