Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free at One Month Old

First cloth diaper

Weight  Ollie currently weighs 10 pounds 1 oz give or take.  He is gaining so much more rapidly than Destructo ever did.  And yes I do still need a cute name like Captain Destructo for Ollie.  Any suggestions?  Kai was 2.5 months before hitting this weight.  My little chunker.

Height  He is around 20 3/4 inches.  He has gained about an inch at this point.  
Coming home from the hospital

Medical Issues  Ollie has a bit of reflux and tends to over eat which makes it worse.  It is better for sure since I have been trying to encourage him to nurse on one side only each feeding even if that means he eats more regularly.  When I pump both sides, I am getting around 7-8 oz so way too much for a little dude.
He also has blocked tear ducts which make his eyes gunky a lot.  I hope this passes quickly like it did with Kai.  Add in his baby acne and the results aren't always pretty.  Thankfully all this started after his newborn pics haha.

Sleep Still very newbornish.  He can go 4 hours in between overnight feedings, but typically doesn't.  2-3 hours is more typical.  I am one tired momma.  I typically get him down for the night between 9-10 PM.  He eats around 12/1, again around 4/5, and then is up for the day around 6:30-7:30.  

Daytime sleep is better.  He is starting to have more alert time during the day, but unfortunately for us this means more crying since he is quite colicky.  I am so ready for the colic to pass so I can really start enjoying my last baby.

Clothes Size  He is still in newborn but getting close to fitting into 0-3.  When he is in cloth diapers, the newborn pants are hard to pull off.

Diapers Size  He is in size one in disposables.  And just yesterday he moved into one size cloth diapers.  Sob.  Destructo was able to wear newborn diapers for two and a half months.  My baby was so little compared to this one. 

Diet  Still all boob milk all day long.  I will say we introduced a bottle yesterday and he did great.  But then today he was a bit more hesitant to take it.  I plan on trying to give him a few a week at first until he takes them well.  I want to be able to get away for longer than two hours.  The colicky crying has really worn me and Mr. Destructo down.  The bad nights are really bad.  I mean straight non stop screaming for 4+ hours.  

Baby Gear I Love  The  rock n play is a life saver with this baby. With his reflux, he can't sleep  Destructo lived in the swing, but Ollie doesn't much care for our swing.  I borrowed my sisters mommaroo swing and he likes it better, but just marginally.  My Beco baby carrier has been a life saver to let me have my hands free while he is having colic episodes.   Gerber Birdseye 10 Count Flatfold diapers have been super useful for burp rags since Ollie is a spitter upper.  I already had a ten pack from Kai but actually bought another one since 
Play mat fun with big brother

Milestones  He is focusing on his toys more and reaching for them or batting at them while laying on his play mat.  He started smiling with meaning this past weekend which is nice.  Other than that he still isn't doing much and it is hard to even get a feel for his personality because he cries a lot.  If I had to guess I would say he is a bit more calm than Destructo and maybe not as smiley as he was.  But we shall see once the colic passes and his true colors can show.
First smile I caught on camera

Likes/Dislikes  He dislikes being naked (which is a polar opposite from his brother.)  He loves cuddling with daddy at night when he should be sleeping.  He loves watching and listening to his big brother.  He loves to eat.  He likes baths and the vacuum cleaner and the exhaust fan on the microwave.  

Things I Don't want to Forget  I want to always remember the way he likes to hold my fingers while he nurses . The fact that he sounded like a baby goat when he cried so often the first month and grunted like a pig anytime he got mad in the first few weeks.  I don't want to forget the way every single morning Destructo gets up so excited and happy to greet his brother.  He always says "Good mornin baby Owl lee."

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am in Colic Hell

Just wanted to drop in and say I haven't forgotten all my awesome blog followers.  Nor have I abandoned the blog.  I am just residing in a hopefully short colic hell.  Things I have learned?  Bouncing a baby can be a way to get in shape after delivery.  Last time I weighed myself I was already down 20 pounds.  

Noise reducing headphones make the screams more bearable.

Family is invaluable since you just want to run away.

Having an awesome husband is the only reason I can get through this.  

My baby is awful cute during the daytime hours when he isn't screaming.

I promise eventually once this passes I will get back to blogging regularly.  I am trying out all different newborn cloth diapers to review.  There is a Moraki review and giveaway (hopefully this will be published in a week or so.)  I am working on trying out different cloth trainers as well.  So I am working on the blog all while never typing a word haha.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carnival of Natural Mothering: April 2014

This month's topic in the Carnival of Natural Mothering was what you wish you knew.  
Remember when you got your first positive pregnancy test? What do you wish that woman knew? Write a letter of love and encouragement to that awesome mama just starting her journey.

Well I have already written two very similar posts to this topic, so I am including links to them below this instead of saying the same things over and over.  Lord knows I repeat myself enough without meaning to.  

I will add a few new thoughts though about what I wish I had knew as soon as the pregnancy test turned positive the second time around.  I wish I knew how much Destructo would truly love his baby  brother.  He hasn't been jealous of the baby at all and wakes up looking for "baby brudder."  He is jealous of the attention I have to devote to the baby and hasn't liked the drastic change in his routine but hey this is all new.  Ollie is only a week old.

I wish I had known that leaving Destructo to go to the hospital would hurt nearly as much as my natural birth did.  And that each day he came to visit and had to leave would cut me to the bone.  He did not handle the separation well at all.  

I wish I had known that you can truly love two babies just as much as each other.    I look forward to getting to know Oliver's personality and see how it is the same and different from Destructo.  

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