Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Posts of 2014 and All Time

The top posts of 2014 were fitting.  They were pretty much all review/giveaway posts which garnered the most attention.   And Oliver's birth story.  This was fairly expected though since life has been crazy cakes since Ollie was born and the blog has taken a back seat to the craziness.  I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope your 2015 is happy, healthy, and wonderful.  Thanks to all my wonderful readers for sticking around through yet another year of my rambling.  

In order of most page views:

Here are this blog's all time top posts.  
Great Toddler Activity Blog Post  (Yeah real original titles.  I actually just found these blog posts on the internet but they were so good they were worth sharing with you guys before I had my blog's Facebook page to share things.)
Top Ten Things I Wish I had Known as a New Breastfeeding Mom  (This is one of my favorite and most truthful posts.)
The Bare Essentials Baby Registry Checklist  (This post is probably the post that took me the absolute longest of any post ever to write.)
Pro Breastfeeding Post from the Alpha Parent (Again just shared from the internet)
My Mastitis Experience  (I shudder when I remember this time.)