Saturday, February 21, 2015


Bath time in our house is not for the faint of heart.  Destructo has always been an may I say exuberant bath taker since he was just a little baby.  I was very hesitant to let him and Owl take baths together for this very reason but one day while I ran to get cookies for Mr. Destructo he handled bath time and did just that.  And they did great.  

My bathroom didn't fare so well.  They are both gigantic splashers.  They are both very competitive and try to out do each other splashing.  I can only imagine how bad this is going to get as Owl gets bigger and bigger (and so does Destructo for that matter.)  I love to hear them laughing and playing together.  So glad I had two boys so they had a brother.  

An added bonus of them splashing like they are treading water in the middle of the ocean is that my bathroom floor gets soaked.  I like to tell myself I am mopping it up when I dry the floor with towels.  Which  means my bathroom is cleaner than it is has been in months.  This might not be true but don't burst my bubble.  

Oh and one final thing is I am so glad that they can take a bath together because it makes nights when Mr. Destructo is out of town or working much easier than having to give them separate baths.  Yay for efficiency.

Notice the water covering both their faces

Monday, February 16, 2015

The age of enlightenment

Destructo has reached the age where he questions everything and fully believes that he knows more than I do.  This is obnoxious on so many levels.  Especially because some of the time he actually does know more than me.  I have learned not to argue with him unless I am really sure I am right because he knows so many random facts.

A few favorite conversations I have had recently was the one where he walked up to me and said after daddy mates you he is going to die.  If I hadn't known that we were honey bees that day and Mr. Destructo was the drone bee and I was the queen bee, I might have been a bit concerned.  Destructo is so into bees right now and bee hives.  

Another particularly annoying/interesting convo was when he argued with me the entire length of church about why the dinosaurs died.  He didn't particularly care for my answer of no one knows how they actually died because no one was alive then.  But that everyone has theories and beliefs.  Not good enough.

We argued for hours the other day about whether a shape was a hexagon or a pentagon.  I was right.  Yes.  Score one for the mom.

He informed me and Mr. Destructo that beavers gather lots of food at night.  Neither one of us thought beavers were nocturnal.  Yeah... they are.

He likes to tell us we are driving the wrong way and is quite the back seat driver.  He is always telling Mr. Destructo to slow down or go a different way.  He just gives me directions.  Which if you know me you know is probably a good thing.

It never ends with this boy.  Glad he has such a love of learning and maybe his love of arguing will come in handy one day and he will end up being a lawyer or something.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If I could keep you little

I wrote a post awhile back about sentimental books that I read to Destructo.  Since having a second child the book If I Could Keep You Little took on a whole new meaning.  If you haven't read it before it is about all the things you would do with your kiddo if you could keep them little but then the things you would be missing as they grow.

While I always liked it, now I see the ways in which Destructo has grown so quickly in just not quite four years.  Looking at his baby brother who looks so much like him and acts like him as well and then looking at the big boy he has become really makes this book turn me into a sappy sentimental emotional ball of mush.
They sure don't look anything alike
It also makes me realize how much more he is going to grow up in the years to come.  All to soon he will go away to school.  Leaving me for the first time every single day for hours.  You know unless I home school which is a possibility.  I am going to cry like a baby his first day of school.

And all the last firsts of Owl are bittersweet.  I love that he is growing and hitting milestones and becoming the boy he is meant to be.  But all his first are my lasts.  The last time I will ever see my baby crawl for the first time, say his first word, pull up.  And the lasts that it doesn't even occur to you to notice until they are done and gone.  Lowering his crib.  I will never again have a tiny baby in that crib.  Moving him out of the infant car seat.  I keep putting it off because I know we will never again have a baby in that car seat.  The last baby tub bath.  He is now a wild child who splashes up a storm in the regular tub.  There is a very good chance I will never again see a baby of mine drinking a bottle.  Owl doesn't care much for them any more. 

But the two milestones I am dreading the most are his first steps.  It is amazing how much you can't wait for those toddling steps with your first baby and dread it with your second.  They go from baby sweetness to independent toddler with those first steps.  But the thing I am dreading the most is the last time Owl nurses.  That will be cutting that last bond of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing a baby.  I dread it but that is another blog post all together.

Parenting is so bittersweet.  I wouldn't trade it for anything but  man I want to slow down time some days.  As the book I mentioned above says "If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me.  But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be!"  Isn't that the truth?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oliver at Nine Months

Okay so I am majorly slacking on keeping up with Ollie's month milestones on the blog.  Luckily for him I actually did update his baby book this month.  Yay for one thing being updated.

Weight-- He was 18 pounds.  He has not gained weight in quite awhile.  I was quite worried (alas for no reason since he hit a major growth spurt right after ten months and gained a pound and a half and 3/4 inch.  But I didn't know that at nine months so I was a bit worried.)

Height-- 27 3/4 inches still
Mr. Blue Eyes

Medical Issues--  He got his first ear infection right after Christmas.  In going to urgent care to get antibiotics for it, I picked up the flu which Owl and Destructo then got. It was a really crappy few weeks. 
My poor flu having boys

Sleep-- Yeah.  No.  Between teething, the ear infection and flu, and his own suckiness at sleeping it is deplorable.  He still naps twice a day which is nice for sure.

Clothes Size-- He is mainly in 12 or 9-12 months.  I do have a few 18 months outfits that run small that I put him in.

Diapers size-- He is on the second or third snap setting in his cloth.  Size four in disposables.

Diet--  He is very pro food.  He eats everything except yogurt.  He loves green peppers, zucchini, most fruits and meats, eggs, peanut butter, any kind of bread like object.  

Baby Stuff I Love--
Beco  Ollie has been hard core teething and with the ear infection he was super clingy and fussy.  I wore him a whole lot this month.  My Beco sure came in handy.

 Milestones-- He has three words hi, mama, and dada.  You love to talk  Owl started crawling and pulling up this month.  He started clapping his hands.  He dances and loves to wave and say hi.  He is even finally starting to sign more and all done.

First time pulling up

Likes/Dislikes--  He dislikes not getting his way and diaper changes.  He dislikes his big brother taking things from him.  He likes playing in his big brothers room a whole lot.  He likes trucks, electrical outlets, saying hi, anything that makes noise, and blocks.  He loves eating and would do it all day if I let him.  He loved the wagon he got for Christmas and would sit in it in the middle of the living room just playing for long periods of time.

This wagon is awesome!!!
Things I Don't want to Forget--  His temper.  It is funny and horrifying all at once.  How fast he can crawl and how he is constantly trying to stand up and getting into downward dog in the process.  How fun he was at Christmas playing with all his new toys.  How cuddly he can be in the middle of the night after he wakes up to eat.  How much he absolutely adores his big brother and manically laughs at everything he does.
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