Monday, February 16, 2015

The age of enlightenment

Destructo has reached the age where he questions everything and fully believes that he knows more than I do.  This is obnoxious on so many levels.  Especially because some of the time he actually does know more than me.  I have learned not to argue with him unless I am really sure I am right because he knows so many random facts.

A few favorite conversations I have had recently was the one where he walked up to me and said after daddy mates you he is going to die.  If I hadn't known that we were honey bees that day and Mr. Destructo was the drone bee and I was the queen bee, I might have been a bit concerned.  Destructo is so into bees right now and bee hives.  

Another particularly annoying/interesting convo was when he argued with me the entire length of church about why the dinosaurs died.  He didn't particularly care for my answer of no one knows how they actually died because no one was alive then.  But that everyone has theories and beliefs.  Not good enough.

We argued for hours the other day about whether a shape was a hexagon or a pentagon.  I was right.  Yes.  Score one for the mom.

He informed me and Mr. Destructo that beavers gather lots of food at night.  Neither one of us thought beavers were nocturnal.  Yeah... they are.

He likes to tell us we are driving the wrong way and is quite the back seat driver.  He is always telling Mr. Destructo to slow down or go a different way.  He just gives me directions.  Which if you know me you know is probably a good thing.

It never ends with this boy.  Glad he has such a love of learning and maybe his love of arguing will come in handy one day and he will end up being a lawyer or something.