Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wrath of Winter

If anyone notices I have went from a at least once a week but usually numerous times a week poster to nonexistent.  The wrath of winter has struck our house since December.  We have been plagued by so much sickness it isn't even funny.

We have had five colds, three cases of flu, an ear infection, two stomach bugs, and one case of roseola.  That one really threw me for a loop.  Owl had it back in the fall.  I thought for sure Destructo would get it even though the pediatrician said he most likely had already had it since he was 3 1/2.  He was sharing toys, pacifiers, sippie cups with Owl.  And by sharing, I mean he was stealing Owl's stuff and chewing on it.  Sir Lickalot might have even licked Oliver a time or two.

He never got it so I assumed he must have had it sans the rash.  Nope.  Obviously not.  He got sick Sunday morning with a high fever that would disappear during the day and then come back early evening.  This went on for a few days and I finally took him in.  They tested for strep because his throat was a bit red, mono because of the fever and tiredness, and finally took a blood sample to try to see if it was viral or bacterial.  

This was a ton of fun let me tell ya.  He quite literally was foaming at the mouth because he was so upset that they had to take blood.  Not when they took blood.  He found that interesting.  But the thought that they were going to.  It took me and a nurse to hold him down while another nurse took the blood.  Now he finds it fascinating.  He wants a microscope for his birthday to look at a blood sample.  I love love love my little science dork.

Anyhow the results came back with a super low white blood cell count and neutraphils (and I have no clue if I spelled that right and am too tired to Google it.)  They assumed it was viral.  Fast forward to today and lo and behold and he breaks out in a rash.  Joy.  But at least we know it isn't something serious because we were all a bit worried since the fevers were weird.

I am so tired because in addition to all this sickness, sweet dear little Owl is a teething, cranky beast of a clingon.  He screammmssss if I so much as get two feet away from him.  He screams in the car because I don't let him drive on my lap and oh my gosh he isn't touching me right this very second ahhhhhh it is the end of the world as he knows it.  So much screaming today.  And waking up.  And screaming.  And... well you get the picture.

I just pray that spring is nicer to us because I am OVER winter and sickness.  Someone send me Lysol in bulk.  Ugh.