Sunday, April 12, 2015

Make the sickness go away

Okay sickness sickness go away.  Don't come back any day.  Yes that is from the Daniel Tiger song about germs.  The illnesses have been insane this winter.  What calamity has struck us now you might ask?  Pneumonia.  Sweet little Owl has pneumonia.  

 Thank goodness for baby wearing to save me and my arms.  He just wants to snuggle momma all day.  My Beco is invaluable.  At least I can snuggle Owllie while still having my hands free to you know do important things like play Hay Day or goof off on Facebook.
Thank goodness we caught the pneumonia early and got him started on antibiotics.  It was only in one lobe on one side of his lungs.  Always trust your mommy instincts.  He has never had a fever past 102.  Destructo runs super high 104-105 fevers any time he gets sick but thus far Oliver never has.  That was the main reason I brought him into the doctor as quick as I did when he spiked the fever.  

Long story short yay for baby wearing, boo for pneumonia and sickness.