Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Week

Or why I am on a carousel that never stops turning.  Who can tell me what show that comes from?  Anyone, anyone?  Heck does anyone even read this blog anymore?  I have really neglected it of late.  
Mr. Destructo is out of town again.  He left Monday morning.  My Monday went something like this we woke up at 6:30, left the house at 7:15, dropped Owl off with my sister, took Destructo to his occupational therapy evaluation at 8.  Left that at 9:30, got home at 10.  Went and got the oil changed in my car, drove back to pick up Owl.  Hung out with my sister and nephew for an hour or so.  Got back to my house around one.  Ate lunch at the speed of light and left 45 minutes later to get Kai to speech.  Got home from speech at 3.  Put Owl down for a nap and Kai down for quiet time.  Stared at the wall for 15 minutes.  Cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner, fed kids dinner, played outside until 7.  Gave both boys a bath, my mom came over to spend the night, put both boys to bed.  Collapsed in a pile and dragged myself to my bed after watching TV with my mom for a half hour.

Tuesday was even busier.  I spent all day outside cleaning my patio and yard up.  We are planning on having Destructo's birthday party here and the yard has been neglected for so long.  So we fought spiders all day, got the entire patio cleaned up, part of the yard cleaned up.  Cooked chili for dinner for my sister and nephew, let Destructo have a play date with the next door neighbor.  Put both kids to bed and played Hay Day for way too long to unwind.

Today was super busy too.  I got up, cleaned the kitchen, had a play date with one of my friends and her daughter, went to lunch, went to the store, went to speech, then went to my sisters for dinner.  And all my days are like this now.  

Kai is in speech twice weekly, OT will be starting up once weekly, baseball practice once weekly, and a game each Saturday.  Add to that the doctor's appointments since we can't seem to stay healthy (two stomach bugs and a case of strep since I last complained about it) and other household responsibilities and I am on a carousel that never stops spinning.  Motherhood.  It is the most exhaustingly awesome thing ever.