Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

I am always searching for incentives to help with Destructo's behavior.  He likes stickers but not enough to do things or not do things.  But since he started speech I have discovered scratch and sniff stickers.

He loves to smell these over and over.  He is actively searching out things to do to earn a sticker.  I bought a big pack off of Amazon after I wasn't able to find them in any store.  The speech teacher also says she can get them at a teacher store.  But alas I am lazy and I like shopping from my couch.  On a side note if you don't have Amazon Prime  you can click my link and get a free thirty day trial.  I love it because I get two day shipping but on things that I can take longer to get, I always do the no rush shipping and get a dollar towards my next kindle book purchase.

Oh and Amazon subscribe and save.  Oh how I love thee.  But you can read more about that here.  This post wasn't really intended to extol the virtues of amazon.  But I went off on a bit of a tangent there.  And what is funny is that while I am busily typing this post up, my husband gets to grumbling about how Amazon doesn't even recommend books for him anymore.  It is all my crap.  He didn't know  I was posting about Amazon.  Maybe we have an unhealthy addiction.  Eh whatever.

Anyways I give Destructo a sticker if he helps out without me asking (or asking more than once), being well behaved, doing good at baseball, doing a particularly good job with his schoolwork, etc etc etc.  He sticks them on a chart that is hung above the couch since he likes kneeling on the couch and sniffing them.  This was discovered after I noticed he was sticking his stickers on my wall.  Ugh. So you guys should try them out.  They really do smell awesome.

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