Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Fluff Fashions

Here is my totally unbiased list of top ten summer cloth diaper prints, styles, fashion.  Whatever.  And of course it is biased since it is my opinion haha.  All of these are available at the wonderful Kelly's Closet my favorite store to buy fluff fluff fluff.    Click here to visit Kelly's Closet and see for yourself why I love it so.  Free diaper coupons, points on each dollar you spend that can be redeemed for gift certificates, and awesome sales.

So on to my list.  I feel motivated tonight.  Like getting back my blog (back) on.  Maybe it is the happy pills.  Or maybe I just really miss blogging.  And Owl is down to one wake up a night finally at fourteen months.  ::side eyes the baby that hates sleep::

Anyways done rambling.

First on my list is Grovia shell in Adventure.  I mean what a perfect diaper for a camping road trip or a canoe trip.  I want this diaper badly.  But my last baby is already a year old so I really need to refrain from buying more diapers haha.

Blueberry in Snails is next up on my list.  Snails are the bane of my existence in the summer so they had to be included.  They have been decimating my veggie garden the past two years.  Does anyone have any wonderful organic snail remedies?  Nevertheless they scream summer to me so snail fluff it is.

Every last print in this Thirsties Ocean package is a must for the fashion forward fluff butt in your life.  There are whales, sand dollars, fish, octopi and more.  And yes this counts as one.  It is a package.

Softbums Omni in Froggy reminds me of chasing frogs and toads around my Aunt Cheryl's huge backyard and being oh so delighted when we captured them into buckets.  Now as an adult I love to listen to the sound of croaking frogs on a summer night.  It is relaxing and oh so summery.

Twinkle Tots Bots Easy Fit reminds me of being a kid and playing until dark on those long summer evenings.  Then watching the stars on your best friends lawn.  Okay this post was about fashion not my idyllic childhood but hey it can be both.  I hope my boys look back one day and have a smile on their faces just like I do when I picture summers of my youth.

Next up on the road through my past is the Moraki Nautical Collection.  We used to go to Lake Michigan nearly every summer for vacation.  The boat and anchor makes me think of a little fishing village where we used to get smoked fish and fish jerky called Leland in northern Michigan.

 Bottombumpers in Ahoy and Sweet Cherry remind me of summer for two reasons.  Pirates and the ocean scream vacation on the beach.  You might wonder why I chose a diaper with cherries on it.  Well as I mentioned previously we went "up north" every year for vacation.  Traverse City always has a cherry festival and we went to it every single year.  We would have cherry pit spitting contests (I sucked horribly at it), eat cherry ice cream, salsa, everything.  I remember getting so sticky from eating cherries on the beach.  We are actually going to Traverse City this year and I can't wait to take both my boys to all the places I loved as a kid.

Next up is Wolbybug cover in Ladybug.  This one is pretty self explanatory as the ladybugs are everywhere in summer.

Finally are Bonnie and Clyde Rumparooz.  What better print but to explain what happens when you don't securely put your trash up while camping.  Or when your brother in laws spread smoked fish around your tent as a prank.  I don't actually remember this happening but I have heard the stories.  Poor Uncle Tom.  Okay I don't actually know if that is ten or not.  I think it is a few more than ten but I am sure all you fluff lovers don't mind.

What diapers would you say are summer essentials?

All photos are via Kelly's Closet.   Be sure to check them out.

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