Sunday, May 24, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Art/Schoolwork Supplies for Preschoolers

As you all know, I am basically homeschooling Destructo for preschool.  I would like to put him in some sort of program this coming year but at best it will be ten hours a week.  Preschool is just so expensive.  So we do all kinds of schoolwork and crafts at home.

Here are my top ten favorite art supplies that we use on a regular basis.

1)  Do a Dot markers.  I love these for helping Destructo work on is fine motor skills.  I have found a lot of print outs that he can "paint" by using these.  They are basically bingo dabbers.  He has to keep the dot in the circle.
2)  Pipe Cleaners  So many uses.  Crafts, fine motor skills, he pretends they are spaghetti and cooks them.  You can put them in a strainer as a fine motor/busy activity.

3) Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set.  This is the best money I have spent in quite awhile.  We use it to make words and to work on fine motor skills all at once.  He loves when I help him spell out simple words like mom, dad, etc.  But I sometimes write them on his dry erase board and he has to find the letters and stamp them onto paper. I also found some cool print outs that I use to have him stamp a letter in each circle and then stamp the word.  (If you like this one the link is on the bottom of the page!)

4) Googly eyes.  These make any art project more fun!

5) Crayola My First Crayola Washable Markers 8ct.  These markers had a rounded, blunt tip.  They were amazing when Destructo was first learning to use markers.  He couldn't push too hard and destroy the tip.

6) Jumbo Glue Sticks - 3 Pack.  These glue sticks are the best by far.  They are purple so Destructo can see where he is putting the glue.  They are really thick so he can't push so hard he breaks them in half.  I will never buy another type of glue stick again.

7) blunt kids scissors .  Scissors are a weapon in a toddler or preschoolers hands.  Blunt tip at least makes them less dangerous.

8) Color Wonder paper and markers.  These are great for when your kiddo wants to draw and color and you can't be rightthere to supervise.  They don't show up on walls, floors, and clothes.  They are also really good for car trips and church for this same reason.

9) Contact paper.  I will have to add a picture for this one tomorrow when Destructo is awake.  We use it for lots of things.  Makeshift laminating, collages, sticking things to walls and making it harder for Owl to immediately tear it down.  So useful.

 10) Pom Poms.  I use these for everything.  Crafts, games, counting practice, you name it, I have used pom poms for it.  Just be careful because they can be a choking hazard with littles.

There you have it.  My favorite art and school supplies at this moment in time.  What do you guys love?