Friday, June 19, 2015

I hate cancer

A close internet friend recently had the shocking diagnosis of stage four neuroblastoma for her not quite three year old son Joe.  It just doesn't seem fair that a child who looks to be the picture of health can have cancer.  To know that he has such a long and winding road ahead of him on the road to kick cancer's butt.

It is one of my biggest fears as a mother.  To know that cancer could be lurking in my little boy's bodies with no outward signs just sends me running for my anxiety meds.  I can't even imagine being in my friends shoes right now.  

Please keep little Joe in your thoughts and prayers.  

Check out the links below for more info on Joe or to see pics of his adorable face.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All by Myselffff

Mr. Destructo has been traveling a ton for work.  I am all by myself with these crazy kiddos.  Someone send reinforcements before I go to the loony bin. 

I have gotten used to his traveling over the past two years.  I still don't like it because then I am out numbered and as a stay at home mom never get a break.  It was actually a lot easier when I was working because at least I got away from the kiddos.  I CAN'T ESCAPE.  They are everywhere.  How are kids able to be everywhere at once.  

I only have two kids.  But yet I keep losing them.  Destructo can open doors.  Which means Owl escapes.  Then all of a sudden I notice it is way too quiet and lo and behold, the baby is wandering around the back yard.  

Someone help me......Vacation is in a week and a half.  Thank goodness.