Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Day my Phone Went Swimming

Swimming, swimming, swimming in the deep blue sea.  Oh gosh I watch too much Daniel Tiger.  Yesterday was the kind of day where it is a good thing I am not a big drinker.  I would have probably been drunk by noon if that was the case.  Then my boys would have had to lord of the flies it.  That would have been bad given their propensity for destruction of themselves and my house.  Real bad.

I had the boys outside helping me clean up the patio.  I made it seem like it was their idea.  Let's pretend this is a car wash and wash up your car.  Kai ran with it and then said their play house was on fire and he had to put the fire out with the hose.  Whatever kiddo.  Just burn some energy (and clean my patio.)  

I cleaned the water table and filled it for Owl who loves playing in it.  I then took all the small water toys in to bleach them because they had mildew on it from sitting in rain water.  I didn't want to leave a bucket with bleach water in Oliver's reach because he is sneaky and quick.  So I filled it up in the tub leaving Oliver and Kai playing on the patio.  

I turned around and Kai came in ready to get into dry clothes.  I changed him quickly and then opened the door and got Owl in.  I changed his diaper and clothes and went looking for my phone.  I couldn't find it.  Then as I was about to walk back inside, I noticed pink in the water table.  The boys have no pink water toys.  Yeah it was my cell phone.  Under the water.  Swimming.  Thank you Owl.  Thanks so much.

Needless to say this is the point in the story where I have to give mad props to Samsung.  I have a Galaxy S4 active.  The ATT salesperson sold me on it even though it was fifty bucks more to get the active by saying what if Destructo (who was two at the time) threw it in a toilet or something.  It seemed quite plausible.  Needless to say I am oh so glad they did. 

I was a bit skeptical of whether the claims that you could put them 3 ft under water for up to 30 minutes was true.  It was.  As I reached for my phone, I could actually see a new email notification popping up under the water.  The only thing that was messed up was that water had gotten in the charging port because the little cover had broken off and I hadn't replaced it yet.  I blow dried it on low for about twenty minutes and that fixed the problem.  

I am going to be buying the S6 active for sure after this.  It actually made my day because I fully expected to have to immediately run out and get a new phone after I saw it in the bottom of the water table.  It was in there between 5 and ten minutes by the time I got Oliver in, diaper changed, clothes on, hands washed etc.  It is the best phone ever.  And no this isn't a sponsored post and I am not getting paid in anyway to say this.  It is just the straight up truth and I truly am that impressed by Samsungs Galaxy active.  I would take a picture of my awesome phone, but alas I only use my phone for my camera haha.  

The  moral to this story is Owl is sneaky and agile.  I am fairly certain he climbed up on the chair to get to my phone.  Destructo was never agile nor a climber like Owl.  It is funny how different kids can be.

Don't let this face fool you.  He is nothing but trouble.